CORE has set up a SALES & TECH Desk to help all of our members close projects and support you and your clients throughout the entire sales process. There are 3 critical steps each prospect needs to go through prior to becoming a client.

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is step one and the most important part of the sales process. When done properly, the follow up and closing steps become simplified. The Discovery Phase or as we refer to as (FIRST BASE) is where you have introduced CORE and COREs unique savings platform to a qualified prospect. This is someone that owns a commercial or multi- family property and or operates a growing business that is interested in reducing overhead and improving cash flow. On this call, our main goal is to establish credibility as a firm, share why and how we can provide incredible value. We will also identify immediate cost savings opportunities. The DISCOVERY CALL is typically scheduled out one week from the time you piqued someone’s interest.

Follow Up

The Follow Up Process is the LIFE BLOOD of any sales transaction. This is where the money lives. After the Discovery Call or meeting, we will need certain information or documents to move to the next step which is preparing the BENEFIT ANALYSIS and PROPOSAL. This also when we review the benefit analysis and or proposal, speak to their CPA and answer all questions and concerns. A lot of times the deal will close during this call. If it has not closed yet or we still need more info, we will rely on you to follow up via email or calls to keep the deal in play. We also help you move this to the final CLOSING Step. REMEMBER: TIME KILLS ALL DEALS & MONEY LOVES SPEED! The FOLLOW UP CALL typically happens one week after the DISCOVERY CALL.


The CLOSING CALL only happens when we have sent out the BENEFIT ANALYSIS & PROPOSAL and have spoken to all key people that are a part of the decision making. We will button up any lose items and answer any remaining questions. If steps one and two have been completed, then the close happens naturally.